most common tax scams Minneapolis, MN
Are people contacting you, making demands, saying they want their money now? Don’t be the one to fall for these tactics. At MWB Tax Solutions, we know that scammers are lurking particularly during tax season. Here are four ways they try to take advantage of innocent taxpayers like you.

1. Fake IRS Agents

If you receive a call filled with threats of arrest, deportation or criminal action, the person is not an IRS agent. These calls are very common where criminals are impersonating tax agents. If you do receive one of these calls, the person may not willingly give you their name and title, but ask anyway. Check your caller-ID for their number and make a report to the police immediately.

2. Fake Emails

If you receive an email from “tax collectors” and they refer to a refund or bill you didn’t expect, this is known as phishing. Do not get caught! Tax authorities will not email you, so do not open that message. This is most likely a fraudulent attempt to steal your personal information. Do not provide your credit card information or any other financial information online.

3. False Tax Returns

Ensure your Social Security number is kept secret and file your taxes early. Once someone accesses your SSN, they will be able to file a tax return in your name. Obviously, this is not to pay your taxes back, but to access your refund.

4. False Charity Organizations

In an event where you lost a family member or friend from a disease or another tragedy, scam artists tend to circulate. These individuals target taxpayers who might want to make donations to specific charities. Before giving any cash or financial information, look up the charity to confirm that it is a legitimate organization.

At MWB Tax Solutions, our trained consultants will ensure you don’t get scammed. Contact us today for any tax-related needs.