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What You Need to Know About IRS Wage Levies or Garnishments

The Truth About IRS Wage Levies & Wage Garnishment If you owe the IRS money for back taxes, the agency has the right to take funds right out of your paycheck. This is called an IRS wage levy or garnishment and is a very commonly used method for collecting back taxes. Your wages will continue being garnished until your entire tax debt is paid, including...

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12 Dec 2018
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How Minnesota Collects Back Taxes

How You Can Get Tax Relief in Minnesota The Minnesota Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting taxes from individual residents, businesses, organizations and other entities in accordance with the Minnesota State tax laws. The funds collected from taxpayers pay for the public services provided by the state. Residents of the State of Minnesota for the most part must pay their income taxes by April...

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13 Sep 2018