IRS Financial Hardship

IRS Financial Hardship Minneapolis

If you don’t have any viable means to pay your taxes, then don’t let the IRS trample all over your rights. There are quite a few options you can choose like declaring financial hardships to stop their relentless pursuit of you. Though it may be temporary, it will still provide you with some breathing space to get your thoughts in order.

You should always remember that the IRS can’t force you to pay if it puts too much of a strain on the expense of your living necessities. If you don’t have the means to pay the IRS in full or via an installment agreement, you can file yourself as being uncollectable. Basic expenses of living necessities include:

  • Rent Or Mortgage Payments
  • Food Expenses
  • Gas Or Transportation Expenses
  • Medical Bills and Other Medical Expenses
  • Expenses of Basic Clothing

How To Apply For A Currently Not Collectible Status

You need to provide the IRS with solid proof that there is no way you can pay your tax debt and retain the basic expenses of living in your current situation. To gain the required information, the IRS will request the following from you:

  • Collection of the Information Statement Form 433F
  • All Legitimate Documentation Of expenses such as, receipts, bills, and bank statements.
  • Latest tax files

Get Approved Now

Until you’re ‘Not Collectible Status” has been approved, the IRS will cut all contacts with you. Keep in mind that acquiring a currently not collectible status is by no means a way permanent solution for paying taxes. The IRS will reactivate their collection process as soon as you become able to pay your taxes. In recent years, the IRS netted a total of 400 million from people who they deemed were unable to pay taxes. So you can rest assured that we can get you qualified too.

“Not Collectible Status” has become all the more harder to get. Seek the aid of a tax professional now for a free consultation and guidance to make sure that the chances of you getting a “Currently Not Collectible Status” improves substantially.