fraudulent taxes Minneapolis, MN
These simple steps can save you from scammers and protect you from getting hacked.

1. File Early

Everyone wants to get a refund as soon as possible. The only way to get refunded is to file early. In that way, it’ll be very difficult for scammers to get to your funds before you do.

2. Be Meticulous with Passwords

Avoid passwords that include your birthday, anniversary and generic ones like “password1.” Try to be creative in producing your password. Use upper and lower case letters. Throw in some numbers and symbols as well. In this way, it will be very difficult for hackers to get into your business.

3. Practice Regular Cyber-security Activities

Always update your personal computer with the latest software and back it up regularly. Do not put personal information such as your date of birth, child’s name or any vital information that scammers can use on social media. This is the easiest way for hackers to get into your private information and steal from you. Also, try to avoid using public computers. If you do, make sure and log off and do not save any information on them. Anyone can access your credentials.

4. Adjust Your Withholding’s

Income taxes are based on your earnings. The amount you owe or have refunded at the tax period will depend on the amount you selected to have withheld from your salary. So go on a vacation or trip, spend your money on having fun. Do not allow scammers to enjoy your hard-earned money.

Another easy way to get scammed is when you click on links that claim to be from the IRS. If you get emails from unknown links and calls from unknown numbers, do not answer. We can help you at MWB Tax Solutions to keep your money safe. Give us a call or message us to discuss a plan to keep your money safe. Our representatives are standing by.