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Brooklyn Park Tax Relief for Those in Need of MN & IRS Tax Help

Residents of Brooklyn Park, MN who are struggling with tax problems can get the expert tax help they need from MWB Tax Solutions. If you’ve been receiving collection notices from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) and/or the Internal Revenue Service, our team of Brooklyn Park tax relief specialists is here to help. We have been working with individuals and businesses for many years successfully resolving all types of tax issues. Whatever tax problems you may be experiencing, we can help.

Brooklyn Park Tax Help

State and federal tax laws are complicated, and to make matters worse they seem to always be changing. To be safe it only makes sense to work with a team of experienced Brooklyn Park tax relief experts to avoid and/or resolve any tax problems that may arise. The Minnesota Revenue and the IRS both have programs set up to provide taxpayers with payment solutions. Please reach out to MWB Tax Solutions for help resolving any of the following:

Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have back tax returns that have never been filed, whether state or federal, it would sure take a weight off to get them all taken care of. If you are worried about not being able to fully pay what you owe in taxes, along with any penalties and interest, you should start by at least getting then all filed. This will at least help you to avoid getting into more serious trouble. Please contact the tax help specialists at MWB Tax Solutions to get the ball rolling. Once we know how much you owe, we can then consider your options for getting everything resolved.

Tax Audits

If you’ve been notified of a tax audit, you can rely on the Brooklyn Park tax relief experts at MWB Tax Solutions to help you get through the process. Dealing with the DOR or the IRS can be extremely stressful. We’d be glad to work directly with either agency on your behalf to get you the best possible result. Please call for a free consultation.

Tips to help you avoid a tax audit:

  • Keep accurate, detailed and complete financial records
  • Be totally honest about your finances
  • File your tax returns online electronically
  • Be cautious about deducting for a home office
  • Do not file a Schedule C unless absolutely necessary
  • Use a reputable tax preparer or software tax program
  • Use precise figures without any rounding
  • Make sure you sign your return before filing
  • If married it’s best to file jointly

Just knowing the above tips will help you prepare for the next tax return and lower your risk of an audit. If you keep your financial records well organized, are totally honest and accurate about everything you submit, the odds of you being audited should decrease significantly.

IRS Tax Penalties & Interest

We all know that there will be penalties and interest added to any unpaid tax debt. Did you know there were civil and criminal penalties that could be imposed as well? So, it’s no laughing matter for taxpayers when they fail to file or pay their taxes on time. The IRS penalties become more severe according to how serious the violation is.

The most common tax violations that result in IRS penalties are as follows:

  • Failing to file your IRS Tax Return
  • Underpaying or Failing to pay your federal taxes
  • Filing an inaccurate IRS Tax Return
  • Filing a fraudulent IRS Tax Return
  • Penalties imposed after being audited by the IRS
  • Tax fraud, tax evasion & other tax crimes

If you are dealing with huge IRS penalty charges, making it impossible for you to pay your tax debt, contact the Brooklyn Park tax relief experts at MWB Tax Solutions for the tax help you need to get your penalties reduced or entirely removed.

Brooklyn Park Tax Relief for IRS Bank Levy

If you are at risk of an IRS bank levy due, you need the help of an experienced team of Brooklyn Park tax relief specialists, which can be found at MWB Tax Solutions. We can help you resolve your tax issues once and for all. The stress of living with an outstanding tax debt can take its toll. Once the levy has been placed you will have 21 days while the bank keeps your account frozen to sort out your tax problems.

You can use these three weeks to work with us to get things resolved. If you don’t take care of this, your bank will have no choice but to send the money in your account, up to the amount owed, to the IRS as payment on your debt.

The IRS is not legally allowed to take money from disability or welfare payments, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), unemployment or money coming in from worker’s compensation, court-ordered child support, or certain types of annuities or pension payments. Taxpayers can retain ownership of personal assets up to a certain value. If you are enrolled in school the IRS cannot take your textbooks. If you work and have tools of the trade, you can keep those as well and any livestock you happen to own.

You have the right to a Collection Due Process Hearing

Once you have received a final IRS Notice about your unpaid tax debt, you are entitled to have what’s called a “Collection Due Process Hearing.” To schedule your hearing you would need to contact the IRS Office of Appeals. Our Brooklyn Park tax relief specialists at MWB Tax Solutions can call the IRS to make arrangements for your hearing. Please call us to schedule a free consultation to discuss what’s involved.

We are also available to represent you during the hearing. Once you have a hearing scheduled, the IRS will likely stop their aggressive collection efforts against you. This on its own should relieve some of the stress you’re going through right now. Contact us today if you want us to start working on your appeal.

To get the best possible outcome from your Collection Due Process Hearing, a good defense will be needed. Depending on your situation, there are several different options. You can enter a claim of Financial Hardship as long as you can present proof. You may also be eligible for a claim of Innocent Spouse Relief, but again this would need to be proven. If you receive an unfavorable outcome, your wages will resume being garnished. This is why it’s so important that you have expert Brooklyn Park tax help to help prepare for the hearing and to make your case at the hearing.

Brooklyn Park Tax Help for IRS Wage Garnishment

If you have an outstanding IRS tax debt, you can expect them to eventually levy your wages. Prior to this the IRS will send a series of letters and notices requesting payment. If they do not receive a response, the IRS at some point will send out a letter to your employer advising him/her that they have levied your wages.

If you are at risk of an IRS wage garnishment, please contact MWB Tax Solutions for a free consultation. Our team of highly experienced Brooklyn Park tax relief experts will discuss your particular situation and determine which options make the most sense to get things resolved. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to prevent the wage garnishment, or if it has already started, to try to get the order lifted.

Help for IRS Tax Liens

If U.S. residents do not pay their federal taxes they risk having a lien placed against any real estate or personal property they own. If you owe the IRS at least $10,000 in back taxes you will likely receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien from the IRS informing you that they’ve issued the lien to secure your tax debt. If you’ve received this notice it is time to contact the IRS for payment arrangements.

If this is the situation you’re in, you may also get the Brooklyn Park tax relief experts at MWB Tax Solutions to provide you with the IRS tax help you need to get the lien lifted. Give us a call to arrange a free consultation so we can determine your options. You may be able to appeal, or we may find ways to discharge or subordinate your tax lien. We would be happy to discuss these possibilities with you.

IRS Has Programs Offering Brooklyn Park Tax Relief & Tax Help

The IRS offers Brooklyn Park tax relief and tax help programs so they can resolve their outstanding tax debts. If you’ve been unable to fully pay your taxes due to financial strains, MWB Tax Solutions can help. We have extensive experience showing clients how to use the various programs to finally relieve the burden of long-standing tax debts.

IRS Installment Agreements

You would qualify to enter into an IRS Installment Agreement if your tax debt is under $50,000. You can apply online by submitted completed IRS Form 9465. What may be difficult for you is deciding among so many different payment agreements. Just figuring out which ones you might qualify for and which one would be most advantageous is not easy.

It might make sense to consult with a Brooklyn Park tax relief expert who can explain your options and help you decide which one would be most beneficial. You need to know that there are a number of different installment payment plans and you most likely would not qualify for them all. Please contact us at MWB Tax Solutions so we can help sort out your options. If the IRS rejects your proposed payment plan, we can help you appeal.

Brooklyn Park Tax Relief for IRS Offer in Compromise

If you are experiencing severe financial pressures you may be eligible for an IRS Offer in Compromise. You would have to offer the IRS irrefutable proof that they would have no way of collecting what you owe. To get to accept your proposed offer you would need to prove that you do not have the full amount you owe and you have no way of getting that amount of money within the foreseeable future.

The IRS won’t accept most offers so to have any chance your paperwork has to be filled out and submitted properly. You must show proof that what you’re offering to settle your taxes is the absolute most you could conceivably pay.

Since the application process for the IRS Offer in Compromise tax relief program is so difficult, it would be of beneficial to get tax help from the best Brooklyn Park tax relief experts available. The team at MWB Tax Solutions has worked with many clients who got their offers approved and settled their tax debt for less than what they owed.

Brooklyn Park Tax Help for Innocent Spouse Relief

If you filed jointly when married, both of you are responsible for any tax debt. If you are now divorced and your spouse is legally liable, you should qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief. To get the IRS to accept this, you may need a Brooklyn Park tax relief expert to help you fill out your paperwork and prove your case. MWB Tax Solutions has many years of experience working with the IRS on behalf of clients getting their applications for Innocent Spouse Relief accepted. Please contact us for a free consultation.

IRS Uncollectable Status

If you are undergoing extreme financial distress and cannot pay your IRS tax debt, you may be eligible for uncollectable status. You would need to show proof that if they try to force you to pay your tax bill in full it would cause you and your family extreme hardship.

Uncollectable status is only temporary. The IRS will keep tabs on you to see if your finances improve enough to start making payments. But, while you are on uncollectable status their aggressive collection efforts will stop, giving you a reprieve.