Milwaukee Tax Relief

Milwaukee Tax Relief for Residents in Need of Wisconsin & IRS Tax Help

Residents of Milwaukee, WI who are dealing with tax issues, either with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service can rely on MWB Tax Solutions for tax help. Our team of Milwaukee tax relief experts has been helping both individuals and businesses resolve their state and federal tax problems for decades. If you have been getting tax collection notices from the WI Department of Revenue (DOR) and/or the IRS, we can help.

Our team provides specialized Milwaukee tax help to residents with tax problems they need to resolve once and for all. We have been very successful in our dealings with both the WI Department of Revenue and the IRS on behalf of clients. Our Milwaukee tax relief experts can answer your questions and offer the best tax advice to solve your problems. Call MWB Tax Solutions if you are concerned about your outstanding taxes or if you are getting tax collection notices threatening any of the following:

Aggressive Collection Efforts

The WI Department of Revenue and the IRS can go after individuals and businesses to collect unpaid back taxes. These collection efforts can get quite aggressive and may include the following and more:

  • WI Delinquent Taxpayer List
  • Penalties & interest
  • Tax warrants
  • Tax liens
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank and other tax levies
  • Seizure of real estate and personal property
  • Revocation of state occupational licenses
  • Revocation state business permits
  • Assessment of personal liability for unpaid corporate taxes
  • Court costs or the cost of an outside collection agency

Tax laws are inherently confusing, whether state or federal, because they can change from year to year. To be safe you should work with an experienced Milwaukee tax relief expert to resolve any problems. Both the WI DOR and the IRS have programs in place that offer solutions. Please contact MWB Tax Solutions if you need to resolve problems concerning the following:


Wisconsin Department of Revenue & IRS Tax Audits

No one looks forward to having their tax return audited, but most people get audited at some point in time. People in the over $10 million a year tax bracket have higher odds of being audited, as do those who report no income at all. The self-employed and those who own a small business also get audited more frequently.

If your taxes are being audited, our Milwaukee tax relief experts can help organize your financial records and get you through your audit as painlessly as possible. If you need MWB Tax Solutions to deal directly with the WI Department of Revenue or IRS on your behalf, we’d be happy to. Just call us to schedule your free consultation.

To lower your chances of a tax audit, do the following:

If married, file jointly with your spouse
File online
Be honest about everything
Keep accurate and detailed records
Be careful when you claim home office deductions
Be prudent about filing a Schedule C
Use exact, not rounded numbers
Use reliable tax software or a trusted tax preparer
Make sure to sign your tax return before filing

Do not hesitate to contact our Milwaukee tax help team if you need assistance getting through your audit. Call us to schedule a free consultation so we can explain the process, answer your questions and offer our expert advice.

Milwaukee Tax Help for Unfiled Back Tax Returns

If you’ve failed to file state and/or federal tax returns going back years, it’s time to get all caught up. Even if you do not have the funds to fully pay your outstanding tax debt plus penalties and interest, you should at least get your returns filed. Doing just this much will help you avoid more serious tax problems. Once we determine how much is owed, we can then look at the various options for finally resolving the entire matter. Wouldn’t it be nice to get this off your mind? The Milwaukee tax relief experts at MWB Tax Solutions are here to help.

Milwaukee Tax Relief from Penalty Charges

If the WI Department of Revenue or the IRS has charged you with so much in penalties that cannot ever pay your tax debt, contact MWB Tax Solutions for help in reducing or eliminating those penalty charges. We are the Milwaukee tax relief experts with the best record of success dealing with these issues.

State & Federal Tax Penalties & Interest

It is common knowledge that the WI DOR and the IRS charges taxpayers with penalties and interest on their unpaid tax debts. The interest charged on an unpaid tax balance in the State of Wisconsin is 18%. The interest on an IRS tax debt varies from year to year. Regarding penalties, depending on the severity of the violation, civil, financial and/or criminal penalties could be imposed.

The most common IRS tax violations resulting in penalties are the following:

Not filing an IRS tax return
Underpaying or failing to pay federal taxes
Inaccurate IRS tax return filed
Penalties resulting from an IRS audit
Tax evasion, tax fraud & other criminal acts

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Tax Warrants

Taxpayers who do not pay the full amount owed in state taxes when due, risk having a tax warrant filed against them. A tax warrant on your record makes it difficult to secure credit and transfer or sell property because a tax warrant is public record. Aside from the taxes you owe, the cost associated with filing the warrant is added to your tax debt plus the costs associated with satisfying the warrant.

A tax warrant is the legal vehicle justifying a lien being placed on a delinquent taxpayer’s property. If a Milwaukee resident owes the WI Department of Revenue under $10,000 they may avoid having a tax warrant issued. It’s up to the DOR’s discretion. But, if you owe more than that a tax warrant will likely be issued and a lien placed on your property.

Milwaukee Tax Help for DOR or IRS Wage Garnishment

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Wage Certification & Wage Garnishment

Through a WI State process of Wage Certification the DOR can order your employer to garnish your paycheck. If you don’t make an effort on your own to pay your outstanding tax debt, the DOR has the right to obtain 25% of your before tax earnings. The Wage Certification remains active until you have fully paid your state taxes.

Furthermore, the law in Wisconsin says that money owed for state taxes is marital debt. This means that if you’re married, both yours and your spouse’s paychecks are at risk of Wage Certification and garnishment if either of you owes back taxes to the State of Wisconsin.

IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS too has the right to place a levy on your wages if you owe back taxes. Once you have not responded to a whole series of notices demanding payment, the IRS will finally place the tax levy. Your employer will be informed and at that point he/she will be forced to garnish your paycheck, sending the funds to the IRS to pay down your debt.

If you have an unpaid DOR or IRS tax debt and are at risk of either agency garnishing your wages, please contact MWB Tax Solutions. Our highly skilled tax experts have spent years providing residents of Milwaukee tax relief from both DOR and IRS wage garnishment orders. We can set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your situation and your options. After that, we can do everything to prevent your wages from being garnished, or if the order is already in place, try to have it released.

Milwaukee Tax Relief from Wisconsin Department of Revenue & IRS Tax Levies

If you have an unpaid state or federal tax debt the WI DOR and the IRS can levy your bank account(s) to pay off the liability. If the levy is from the DOR and you don’t have sufficient funds in your account to fully satisfy your state tax debt, the DOR can keep levying your bank account(s) until the debt is completely paid off.

When the IRS levies your bank account(s), your funds will be frozen for 21 days, giving you time to resolve the matter. If a resolution is not arrived at with the IRS, your bank will be forced to send your money to that agency, up to the amount owed. Therefore, during that 21-day reprieve, it would be wise to reach out to a Milwaukee tax relief expert with experience resolving these tax issues.

Unlike the DOR, the IRS is unlikely to continue levying your bank account(s) until your tax debt is fully paid. This means that any deposits you make in the future would not necessarily be at risk. You are not totally out of the woods here because the IRS does reserve the option of levying your account in the future, although this is rarely done. 201

What assets is the IRS legally allowed seize with a tax levy?

  • Wages through a wage garnishment
  • Earned commissions
  • Work-related travel advances,
  • Customer or client payments
  • Funds in bank account(s)
  • Real estate and rights to real estate, including a private residence
  • 15% Social Security checks


What is the IRS not entitled to seize with a tax levy?

  • Welfare checks
  • Disability payments
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Unemployment or Worker’s Compensation payments
  • Court-ordered child support payments
  • Certain types of annuity and pension payments

Taxpayers are also legally allowed to keep personal assets (not to exceed a certain value): If they are enrolled in school they can keep their textbooks. If they work in a trade they can keep their tools. And if they have livestock the IRS cannot seize their livestock.


Milwaukee Tax Help for Liens

If a Wisconsin taxpayer owes back taxes to the state that do not exceed $10,000 the Department of Revenue is unlikely to issue a tax warrant against them in order to collect the debt. This means that they won’t likely have liens placed against their property, real or personal. If your tax debt is more than $10,000 you are at risk of a tax warrant and tax liens to secure payment of the debt to the state. Many states employ this method to collect taxes because it’s an effective motivator. It’s public record and will thus affect the taxpayer’s life until they make payment arrangements to pay off their tax debt.

Similar to the WI DOR, the IRS will not usually issue a Notice of Federal Tax Lien unless your federal tax debt reaches $10,000 or more. This is the first step in the process and if you’ve received such a notice you would be wise to contact a reputable organization like MWB Tax Solutions to help you resolve all your tax matters once and for all.

Releasing a Tax Lien

MWB Tax Solutions has a team of highly experienced Milwaukee tax relief experts who can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your situation and lay out all your options for getting the tax lien released. There may be legitimate grounds for appeal, or the tax lien could possibly be discharged or subordinated. We would be happy to explore all possible avenues with you.

Wisconsin Delinquent Taxpayer List

The WI Department of Revenue posts a running list of the state’s delinquent taxpayers on the Internet. If you have an outstanding tax debt of $5,000 or more (including penalties, interest and any other costs) and your right to appeal has expired (after 90 days), your name could be listed. This is embarrassing to say the least and since it’s publicly posted, it could affect your life. The reason they do this is to motivate you to contact the DOR to work out a resolution.

Revocation, Suspension, Denial of Occupational Licenses & Permits

The WI Department of Revenue can deny, suspend or even revoke the occupational license(s) and/or the business permit(s) of taxpayers who are delinquent in paying their taxes. The status of the license and/or permit would remain in effect until either payment arrangements are made or the taxpayer fully pays their tax debt. If you have an outstanding tax debt, this would be a good time to contact a Milwaukee tax relief expert who can help you resolve the problem so you don’t risk your license to practice your profession or business permit.

Personal Liability for Unpaid Corporate Taxes

A Wisconsin business that keeps failing to pay what they owe in withholding and/or sales tax is subject to a “repeat penalty” of 25%. Additionally, business owners, executives, directors and others can legally be made personally responsible for paying the state tax debts of a corporation under certain circumstances. Responsible owners and corporate officers should have a tax expert or advisor available to provide the tax help needed to stay out of trouble.

Collection Agency Fees & Other Costs

If the state has to take legal action against you or retain the services of a private collection agency for your unpaid taxes, you will be held responsible. Any costs and fees associated with collecting your taxes will be added to your existing tax debt. These costs would be court costs, wage garnishment costs, costs to prepare and issue tax warrants, lien fees, and etc.

MWB Tax Solutions Provides Milwaukee Tax Relief & Tax Help

Both the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service have processes and programs available to taxpayers who need help to get out from under their tax problems. If you find yourself unable to pay your taxes, do not put your head in the sand and hope this goes away. That just makes things worse.

On the state level, the Wisconsin DOR will send you a letter when it realizes your taxes are delinquent. The same is true of the IRS; you will be notified by mail, even though you are already likely aware of the problem. The Milwaukee tax relief experts specialize in both state and federal processes and programs that have been set up to help taxpayers. We are at MWB Tax Solutions and can evaluate your situation and offer advice on how to proceed with the best option forward. These are the processes and programs available to Milwaukee taxpayers for resolving their state and federal tax obligations:

Wisconsin DOR Notice of Informal Hearing

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue sends a Notice of Informal Hearing to delinquent taxpayers who have not contacted the DOR to make payment arrangements. This is the DOR giving the taxpayer a chance to come in personally to work out a resolution before collection efforts begin. If you have received such a notice it would be in your best interests to get the advice you need from a reputable Milwaukee tax relief specialist so you can meet with your DOR agent knowing your options. If you ignore the notice, you can expect aggressive actions to be taken to collect.

WI DOR Power of Attorney

You are allowed to authorize a qualified individual to represent your interests before the DOR. They would essentially work on your behalf to come to a resolution on your tax problems. You would need to file Power of Attorney Form A-222 or some other similar form with all the required details and signatures.

Milwaukee Tax Help for Wisconsin DOR & IRS Installment Payment Plans

Wisconsin DOR Installment Payment Plans

f you cannot fully pay what you owe in WI State taxes, you should still file your tax returns on time and pay as much as you can. You will then get a tax bill for the balance and a note asking you to contact the Department of Revenue to enter into an installment payment plan.

The first step is to file all back tax returns so you are current. Then, go to the DOR’s website and click on request a payment plan to fill out Form A-771. You can either submit it online or mail it in. Once it’s received the DOR will send you a letter on how to proceed.

If your proposed payment plan is accepted, you’ll receive the Installment Agreement, which will require you to make all payments on time and at the same time you will need to stay current on all your other tax obligations. If you do this, the DOR will stop the aggressive collection tactics. But, they are legally entitled to file a tax warrant against you, which gives them the right to grab any tax refunds you might receive to apply to your tax debt.

If you end up defaulting on this agreement, the DOR will start aggressive collection activities again. If you have questions, just call (608) 266-7879.

IRS Installment Payment Plans

If you don’t owe the IRS more than $50,000 in back taxes you would be eligible to enter into an IRS Installment Agreement. Before signing on the dotted line it would be wise to consult with a Milwaukee tax relief expert who could explain your options and help you choose the one that best suits your financial situation. There are half a dozen different options and some you will qualify for and others you won’t.

This is why you need expert advice and you can find this at MWB Tax Solutions. Once you have everything sorted out you can go online to fill out IRS Form 9465 requesting approval for the installment payment plan. If your proposed payment plan is rejected by the DOR, there is an appeals process that we can help you with.

Milwaukee Tax Help for IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

If while married you filed your IRS tax returns jointly with your spouse, the IRS will go after both of you for any outstanding tax debt. This holds true even if you are now divorced and your dissolution agreement says that your spouse takes full financial responsibility for any unpaid taxes. In this case you may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief.

To improve your chances of the IRS accepting your request for Innocent Spouse Relief, you may need a reputable Milwaukee tax relief expert to guide you through the process. You would need to provide adequate documentation to substantiate your claim in order to prove your case. We at MWB Tax Solutions have been very successful over the years helping clients resolve their tax problems and this includes getting the IRS to grant them Innocent Spouse Relief. Please contact us for a free consultation to review your case.


Milwaukee Tax Relief: Settling Your Taxes for Less Than You Owe

WI DOR Compromise of Taxes

The WI Department of Revenue has a program similar to the IRS Offer in Compromise. If you are in dire financial straits and cannot make minimal payments on an installment payment plan, you can request a Compromise of Taxes from the DOR. This would allow you significant tax relief if the DOR accepts your proposed offer.

To request a Compromise of Taxes, do the following:

  • Complete the Form A-212. If you have a business you would use Form A-213 instead.
  • Pull together all the documents on the checklist and submit them with the Petition form. If you don’t, your Petition is incomplete and won’t even be looked at.
  • Send your Petition to your DOR agent at the address provided on the form. Form A-212 for individuals requests your income, your assets listed as well as liabilities along with the documents to support this information.

This will include your proposed offer to settle your entire tax debt for less than what is owed. If the DOR believes this is all they could expect to collect from you due to your finances, your offer would likely be accepted. The DOR could also reject your offer and make you a counter offer. For the best chances of acceptance, you need a very skilled Milwaukee tax relief expert at your side guiding you every step of the way.

To qualify, these are the DOR’s conditions:

  • You must have already filed all previous income tax returns
  • You can’t meet the financial requirements for an Installment Agreement
  • You don’t have any assets you can sell or borrow on to pay your tax debt

The Department of Revenue will likely make a decision on your Compromise of Taxes no more than 45-90 days. MWB Tax Solutions can help you if this doesn’t go your way.

IRS Offer in Compromise

Taxpayers going through severe financial trouble may qualify for federal tax relief by way of an IRS Offer in Compromise. Your job is to prove to the agency that they have no chance of getting the full amount of your tax debt within a reasonable timeframe. You do not have the money and are not at all likely to get it anytime soon.

The IRS accepts less than half the offers that come in. This means that your paperwork must be perfect if you hope to succeed by having your offer accepted. It is up to you to prove that you absolutely cannot pay a penny more than you are offering. But, at the same time, prove that you can pay the amount you’ve offered.

Since the application process for this program is very difficult, you would certainly benefit by getting tax help from the best Milwaukee tax relief experts you can find, which would be at MWB Tax Solutions. This firm has successfully guided many clients over the years through the IRS Offer in Compromise tax relief program.

If the IRS accepts your offer, you have just a couple of options for paying the money. Your Milwaukee tax relief experts can help you make payment arrangements. Under this settlement agreement you would be required to comply with all tax laws by paying all you owe for the next five years. If your offer is rejected, you can likely appeal and MWB Tax Solutions can help you through your appeal.

IRS Uncollectable Hardship Status

When people are in the midst of extreme financial pressure and cannot come up with money to pay their taxes, they may be eligible for uncollectible status. If this sounds like you at the moment, you would need to prove to the IRS that there is no way you can pay and forcing you to do so would cause your family to suffer extreme economic hardship.

If your request for uncollectable status were approved this would provide you with a temporary break from the IRS’ collection efforts. It gives you time to regroup and hopefully regain your financial footing. The IRS will check in with you in a few months to see if your financial situation has improved and if so, you will be expected to start making payments on your tax debt.