Idaho State Tax Payment Plan

Idaho State Tax Payment Plan
Any resident who is unable to pay off their entire tax debt is encouraged by the Idaho State Tax Commission to make as large a payment as they possibly can and then call the number listed on your tax bill to work out a plan for the remainder. If your billing letter is not available, call 208-334-7633. If it is determined a payment plan may be your best option, you will need to log into the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) and select “Request a Payment Plan.” (If you do not already have a TAP account, you will need to create one.)
There are two payment plan options to choose from. In both cases, interest and penalties will continue to grow on the unpaid balance until the final payment has been received.
• 6-Month Plan
o Requires that the entire debt be paid off in 6 months or less.
o No liens will be filed. (If a lien is already in place, it will be removed after the debt has been paid in full.)
o You will continue to receive due process letters (billing letters) while you are making your payments.
• Payments Lasting More than 6 Months
o No payment plan can last longer than 18 months.
o The state may file a Notice of Lien to secure their interests until your debt is paid in full.
o The State Tax Commission may request updated financial information to reassess your ability to pay.

The State Tax Commission has created a video to that you can use to help you apply for a payment plan online. The video can be seen here.