West Virginia State Tax Payment Plan

West Virginia State Tax Payment Plan
The State of West Virginia Tax Division may allow you to pay off your tax liabilities in installment payments if you can prove that your financial situation prevents you from making a lump sum payment. If your request for an installment plan is approved, interest will continue to accrue on the balance and a lien may be filed against you.
To request a payment agreement, you must:
• Complete Form CD-5, Payment Agreement Request.
• Send a check or money order for your first payment. It should be made out to the West Virginia State Tax Department and you should include your social security number in the memo section.
• Mail both items to the address listed in the middle of page 1.
If accepted, your payment will be due on the 15th of each month. You will receive a formal payment agreement that you must sign and return using the enclosed envelope. Each month you will receive a statement that shows your balance due and includes a monthly payment voucher. The voucher and your payment should be mailed using the enclosed envelope. You must stay current on your payments or your agreement may be cancelled.
If your request is not approved, you will be contacted by phone. If you have any questions, call 304-558-8753.