Tennessee State Tax Payment Plan

Tennessee State Tax Payment Plan
If the Tennessee Department of Revenue sends you notice of liability, you should contact their office immediately to prevent collection actions. You will need to use the email address or phone number listed on the notice to contact the Collections Division or your assigned revenue officer. This should be done before you submit an installment payment agreement request.
If you do not have your notice available, contact the Collections Services Division at 615-741-7071 for assistance.
To apply for an installment payment agreement, you will need to:
• Print out the Installment Payment Agreement Application. Within the application, you should:
o Sign the Installment Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions on page 3.
o Complete Form APP-1, Installment Application on page 4.
o Complete Form IPA-IND, Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals on pages 6-9.
o Unless you are applying for a business, you can skip pages 10-13.
o Sign page 14. This must be notarized.
o Collect everything that applies to you on the Supporting Document Checklist (page 15) and sign.
o If you plan to have someone represent you in front of the TN Department of Revenue, you will need to complete the Tennessee Power of Attorney form on page 16-17. If not, you can ignore these pages.
o Submit everything listed above to one of the addresses found on the final page.
You will be notified of a decision in writing, though the state does not provide a timeframe for decisions. If you have any questions, call 615-741-7071