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Maple Grove Tax Relief for Those Needing State & IRS Tax Help

Residents of Maple Grove, MN who are dealing with state or federal tax problems can contact MWB Tax Solutions to arrange for a FREE consultation. If you have been getting notices from the Department of Revenue and/or the IRS we can give you the tax help and advice you need. Our Maple Grove tax relief experts have many years of experience helping taxpayers in similar situations resolve their tax problems, putting all the stress behind them. We would be happy to help you too.

The average taxpayer can find tax laws very difficult to understand. There is no question about that and to make matters worse, the tax laws seem to change from year-to-year. Who can keep up? This is why it only makes sense to consult with reputable tax experts in resolving state and federal tax matters. Both MN and the IRS have programs set up to help taxpayers dealing with the following issues and get them resolved:

Tax Relief from IRS Penalty Charges

When taxpayers neglect to file their taxes or do not fully pay the amount owed, they will very likely incur penalty and interest charges. On top of that, there is a risk of facing civil and/or criminal penalties as well. Failing to file and/or pay your taxes is a very serious legal infraction. The IRS has been known to impose severe penalties depending on the seriousness of the violation. So this is not something you want to thumb your nose at.

The IRS tax violations that are most commonly penalized:

  • Not filing IRS tax returns
  • Not paying or underpaying IRS taxes
  • Inaccurate or fraudulent IRS tax return filed
  • Penalty charges resulting from IRS tax audit
  • Criminal tax fraud, tax evasion & other violations

If you are unable to pay off your tax debt due to huge penalty charges, call the highly experienced Maple Grove tax relief specialists at MWB Tax Solutions. They have the knowledge and expertise you need to reduce or even remove those exorbitant penalty charges.

Maple Grove Tax Help for MN & IRS Audits

If you’ve received notice that your taxes are being audited, the Maple Grove tax relief experts at MWB Tax Solutions stand ready to help you get through your audit with flying colors. This can be a very stressful process under the best of circumstances, so why not get the tax help you need? We would be happy to work with the DOR or IRS on your behalf or help you navigate the process yourself. Please call us for a free consultation.

Tips to lower your odds of being audited:

  • Maintain complete, accurate and detailed financial records
  • Be completely truthful about your finances
  • Use a reputable tax preparer or well-known tax software
  • File your tax returns jointly if you’re married
  • Use exact figures with no rounding
  • Avoid using a Schedule C if possible
  • Think twice about deducting for a home office
  • File electronically
  • Make sure you sign your return
  • File and pay your taxes on time

Keep the above tips in mind when you get ready to file your next return. If you keep all financial records well organized throughout the year, fill out your forms accurately and truthfully then the odds of you being audited will be greatly reduced.

Unfiled Back Tax Returns

Are you sitting on years of back taxes that you’ve never filed? Wouldn’t it be nice to put all that stress behind you by getting caught up? If you’re worried about not having the money to pay everything you owe, which would likely include interest and penalties, it still makes sense to get them filed. This way you can avoid even more problems.

Please contact the Maple Grove tax relief specialists at MWB Tax Solutions for help getting started. Once we determine exactly how much you owe, we can discuss all your options for getting your tax matters totally resolved.

Maple Grove Tax Help for Tax Liens

If you owe the IRS $10,000 or more, you run the risk of having a tax lien placed on any real estate or personal property you own. The IRS will send you a Notice of Federal Tax Lien when it’s issued. If you have already received this notice, it would be best to call the IRS to see if you can make arrangements to pay off your taxes.

Getting a Tax Lien Released

If the IRS has notified you that they’ve placed a tax lien on your assets, you can contact the Maple Grove tax experts at MWB Tax Solutions. We will put our expertise to work trying to get the lien lifted. Contact us to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your options. You may have a right to an appeal or there might be ways to get the lien discharged or subordinated.

Maple Grove Tax Relief for IRS Wage Garnishment

If you are employment and owe unpaid back taxes, you risk having the IRS levy your paycheck to pay off your tax debt. Before this happens the IRS will have sent you several notices demanding payment. If you’ve received these IRS notices and have not worked out a payment plan, your employer will likely get a letter from the IRS letting him/her know that a levy has been issued to garnish your wages.

If you are currently facing this possibility, you may want to contact MWB Tax Solutions for a free consultation. You could certainly use the tax help, knowledge and advice that our team of Maple Grove tax relief experts would provide you with. We will go over your particular situation and discuss which options would work best to resolve the matter. You can be sure we will do everything possible to prevent your wages from being garnished, or if the order has already been implemented, we can try having the levy lifted.

Collection Due Process Hearing

After getting a Final Notice from the IRS demanding payment, you have a legal right to a Collection Due Process Hearing. You would need to file your request through the IRS Office of Appeals. We at MLB Tax Solutions have helped many clients over the years with this particular hearing.

Our highly experienced Maple Grove tax relief specialists can schedule this and even represent you at the hearing. We would be happy to explain the process in detail, so please call us for a free consultation. Once your hearing is scheduled, the IRS will likely suspend all efforts to collect your tax debt. This will take some of the pressure off you while preparing for your hearing.

You will need to present a solid defense in order to get a favorable decision and there are a number of options to consider. You may be able to prove Financial Hardship, or you may be eligible to claim Innocent Spouse Relief. If you do not receive a favorable decision, the wage garnishment order will be reinstated. This is why it’s crucial to get the best Maple Grove tax help you can to help you compile the evidence to prove your case.

Maple Grove Tax Relief from IRS Bank Levies

If you have an overdue IRS tax debt you are at risk of a bank levy. If this concerns you consult with the best tax experts you can find to see how you can avoid this. Once a tax levy has been placed on your account you will only be given 21 days to resolve things. During this time your account will remain frozen. We can help you get your tax problems behind you. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation with the most experienced Maple Grove tax relief specialists in the area at MWB Tax Solutions.

We can make the most of these three weeks to get your tax problems resolved and free up the funds in your bank account. If you don’t do anything, your bank will have to send whatever funds are in your account (up to what you owe) to the IRS as payment on your overdue bank debt.

The IRS cannot legally seize the following money or assets through a bank levy:

The federal government cannot seize income from disability, welfare, unemployment, workers compensation, SSI, court-ordered child support, or specific types of annuity or pension income. Taxpayers can keep personal property up to a specific value. If in school, you get to keep your textbooks. If you own tools of the trade, those are yours to keep, plus livestock if you own any.

MWB Tax Solutions Provides Expert Maple Grove Tax Help & Relief

The IRS knows that taxpayers can encounter financial stresses that make it difficult to pay their taxes. Therefore, they have set up programs to help taxpayers in this situation. MWB Tax Solutions has a very experienced team of Maple Grove tax relief specialists that can help you qualify for one of the following programs to resolve your tax problems:

Tax Help for IRS Installment Payment Agreement

If you owe no more than $50,000 in IRS taxes, you would qualify for an installment payment plan. You can request this online by submitting IRS Form 9456. Because there are various Installment Agreements, it’s hard to figure out which Installment Agreements you may be eligible for and which ones would benefit you most.

It may help you a great deal to work with reputable Maple Grove tax experts who can explain the various programs to you and help determine which one would best suited because you would probably be eligible for more than one. MWB Tax Solutions is here to help. If your proposed Installment Agreement is rejected, we can help you appeal.

Maple Grove Tax Relief for IRS Offer in Compromise Program

If you are in severe financial straits, you may qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise tax relief program. If so, you could settle your entire federal tax debt for less than the full amount owed. You would offer the most amount of money you could possibly pay and if the IRS agrees that they could not collect any more from you in a reasonable timeframe, they would likely accept.

The IRS accepts just a fraction of proposed offers under this program, which means it’s absolutely vital that all paperwork be filled out and submitted properly. You would also need irrefutable documentation to prove that the amount of your offer is the highest you could go financially.

Since having your offer accepted for an IRS Offer in Compromise is extremely hard, it would be beneficial to get the most reputable Maple Grove tax relief experts to help you.

MWB Tax Solutions has many years of experience helping clients prepare their offers and getting them accepted. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Maple Grove Tax Help for IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

If while you were married you filed joint tax returns, you and your spouse are both responsible for any unpaid taxes. If you are now divorced and according to your decree your spouse is legally liable, you can request Innocent Spouse Relief. The tax experts at MWB Tax Solutions can help you organize your paperwork to prove your case. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

IRS Uncollectable Status

If you are in dire straits financially and have no way to pay your federal tax debt, you may qualify for Uncollectible Status. If you can prove that being forced to pay in full would cause you and your family catastrophic financial hardship, you would qualify.

If you prevailed and your IRS tax debt was deemed Uncollectible, this would just be temporary. The agency would wait a few months and check back to find out if things had improved and if so, they would expect you to start making payments. But, in the meantime the IRS would stop trying to collect.

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