Kansas State Tax Payment Plan

Kansas State Tax Payment Plan
The Kansas Department of Revenue allows residents to resolve their delinquent tax accounts by applying for a payment plan. To make this process simple, the Department of Revenue has made a short Payment Plan Request for Individuals booklet available, which includes the forms you will need to complete and submit.
To apply for a payment plan, you will need to:
• Complete page 2 of the Payment Plan Request for Individuals, as well as sign at the bottom. You have several options to choose from when submitting your request. They incIude:
o Mailing your request to the address listed at the top of page 2
o Faxing your request to 785-291-3613
o Emailing your request to kstaxpayplanrequest@kdor.ks.gov
The Kansas Department of Revenue will continue to add penalties and interest to the balance of your liability until it has been paid off in full. In addition, they will file a tax warrant if your payment plan will exceed 6 months to protect the state’s interest. A warrant will also be filed if the Statute of Limitations is scheduled to expire during the terms of your payment plan.
Kansas does not indicate how long it takes for requests to be processed, though they do say you will receive an answer through the mail. If your request is denied, the denial letter will provide instructions on how to proceed.
If your request is approved, you can arrange for direct payments by visiting the Kansas Department of Revenue Self Service Payment Center. You also have the option of paying with a check or money order made payable to “Kansas Income Tax” or by credit card, which can be done by visiting Official Payments Corporation. Your final payment option is to establish a wage assignment through your employer, meaning your payment will be taken directly out of your account. To do this or ask any questions you may have, call 785-296-6121.