Delaware State Tax Payment Plan

Delaware State Tax Payment Plan
The Delaware Department of Finance requires that any taxpayers who are unable to pay off their entire tax liability in one payment do the following.
• First, make a payment for as much as you possibly can. This should be sent to the address listed on your tax bill.
• Call the installment line at 302-577-8586 to discuss your situation.
• You can also write a letter explaining why you are currently unable to pay your entire debt. Be sure to include a copy of your tax bill and print your name, the tax period shown on your bill, and your taxpayer identification number. However, you will need to contact 302-577-8586 to identify where you should send your letter.
After your call or letter has been received, the Department of Finance will work with you to determine how to best handle the situation. Be aware that until the entire liability has been paid in full, penalties and interest will continue to be added. If you have any questions, you can call 302-577-8586 for additional assistance.